Russian Cats Are Off Limits From International Competition


Internation Cat Federation Restricts Russian Felines from Joining FIFe Shows

Fédération Internationale Féline, or FIFe, banned Russian felines from participating in international competitions after Moscow's attack on Ukraine.

In a statement on its website, FIFe announced that any cat bred in Russia could not be imported or enlisted in its pedigree book outside the country. Any cat owned by exhibitors living in Russia cannot join any FIFe show outside the country, regardless of where they were registered.

FIFe, a group that considers itself the "United Nations of Cat Federations," is a multinational group formed more than 70 years ago with 42 member countries and conducts 700 shows a year, with over 200,000 cats on exhibit, according to its website.

Russia has been facing sanctions by several countries, including the U.S., and vetoed by high-profile organizations and sports, including FIFA international and UEFA European soccer competitions. The International Olympic Committee also recommended that athletes from Russia and Belarus be barred from international competition.

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